My approach to counselling

Integrative counselling is possibly the best way to describe my approach as a counsellor. Integrative counselling simply means that I use techniques and tools from a wide range of models and theoretical practices. It is my belief that no single model can address the diverse needs of an individual therefore I bring together the therapeutic models that best fit each client.

Absolutely central to my counselling philosophy is the belief that the quality of relationship between counsellor and client is fundamental to the effectiveness of therapy. I fully believe that therapy is relationship driven rather than theory driven. Working to create a strong therapeutic bond is an essential component for meaningful therapeutic work, and like any relationship it takes time to build trust.

The therapeutic relationship between client and therapist is an authentic and empathetic one. It is unbiased, impartial and transparent. The transparency allows trust to build and offers freedom and space to disclose and discuss deeply personal issues. It differs from our everyday relationships by offering the client an opportunity for self exploration without any pressure to conform or sensor and to express themselves without fear of ridicule or reprisal . This unique relationship creates a connection built on respect and trust which fosters the perfect environment for achieving positive, lasting change and deep healing.Please contact me today and we can discuss the challenges you want to overcome and how I can help you.