Remote counselling

One of the benefits of modern technology is that it can allow us to be more productive in conditions that previously would have been unworkable. With the COVID-19 pandemic the ability for technology to help us continue with as near to normal a way of living and working has become obvious. Remote counselling has been offered for sometime by therapists but now more than ever it has become a more appealing option for some people.

While I would always advocate for traditional face-to-face counselling, I believe that remote counselling can be a sensible and effective alternative, and not just because of issues thrown up by COVID-19. People’s busy lives, with conflicting commitments, mean it can be hard to carve out the time for a therapy session, because there’s not just the time of the session but travelling to and from to consider, as well as the transition period before and after the session that many people find takes up mental bandwidth. 

Benefits of remote counselling

Remote counselling is a viable alternative for people who:

  • Travel a lot – If you travel a lot for work then being able to have a counselling session online via a video conferencing platform means you can continue to benefit from sessions even when you are away from home. As long as you have a private space, like a hotel room, and an internet connection then you don’t have to miss sessions. 
  • Can’t get to my therapy room – Perhaps your car is in the garage. Or maybe you live outside of Exeter and getting in and out will be a hassle due to public transport timetables, or just the time involved. Whatever the reason, if you can’t get to my location easily, whether because of a one-off issue or a regular situation, online counselling can help.
  • Have hectic schedules – Work, family, hobbies, our days get filled with commitments, and these often spill into our evenings or days off. Knowing that you can engage in counselling from the comfort of your home means you have one less complication to deal with. 
  • Those concerned with physical proximity – With the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a lot of changes regarding how close we get to people, and even when any regulations are lifted people may continue to feel uneasy being in close proximity to people for some time. With remote counselling that just isn’t an issue.

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