Alcohol, Drug and Addiction Counselling

Are you concerned about your drinking or some other substance ?

  • Have you ever decided to stop drinking or using drugs, only to find that you can’t for any length of time ?
  • Is your drinking/drug use causing problems in your relationships and at home ?
  • Do you make promises to yourself and others that you will stop ?
  • Are you experiencing blackouts or having trouble remembering what you did and with whom ?
  • Have you tried all kinds of ways to control your drinking or using such as substituting one drink/drug for another, only drinking beer or wine, not drinking spirits, only drinking or using at weekends?
  • Do you wish you were like other people who can genuinely take it or leave it?
  • Have you missed days at work or other commitments because of drinking or using?
  • Do you tell yourself you can stop anytime you want to, even though you keep getting drunk or high even when you don’t mean to or want to ?
  • Need to drink or take something to stop symptoms like shaking or nausea ?

Only you can decide if alcohol or other substances are a problem for you. Be honest with yourself, if you answer YES to 3 or more of these questions chances are you’re getting yourself into trouble with either drink or drugs. According to government statistics more than 1.4 million people are dependent on alcohol in the UK. Don’t let fear, embarrassment or shame stop you from seeking help.

I specialise in working with substance related issues and have worked in a variety of settings helping people to overcome problems with alcohol and other drugs. I also work with family members whose loved ones may be experiencing problems with substances. Specialist counselling in alcohol and drug use requires a different approach to other forms of therapy, and as is often the case each person will respond differently to different approaches. People at the milder end of the scale may only need brief therapy in order to moderate or stop. Whereas those who are at the more severe end may need longer term counselling or intensive sobriety coaching to stop completely and recover their lives.

Issues surrounding alcohol, drugs and addiction are complex, and the process working through them can be difficult. However, with the right approach and support it is possible for people to reclaim their lives and leave substance abuse behind.

For an initial consultation, and to find out more about my specialist counselling services, please contact me today.