Why Counselling?

My clients seek counselling for a variety of reasons such as depression, anxiety, grief and loss. It is not unusual to experience difficulties with anger or stubborn behavioural patterns. Most of us will face suffering at some point in life, be it the loss of loved ones, persistent feelings of irritability or discontentment, bouts of depression or anxiety, or that ever present feeling of being stuck and unfulfilled. 

Is Counselling for Me?

We have busy lives and a tendency to ignore our emotional well being until we become overwhelmed, burnt out, and so exhausted that every day life becomes impossible to cope with. 

Sometimes my clients are carrying past traumas or other difficulties from their past that they were not equipped to deal with but interfere with their daily life. Others seek counselling simply for self development. All issues are welcome in counselling and counselling can be tailored to every client’s needs.

Counselling can literally change your mind and allow you to re-shape your beliefs around who you are and not who you think you should be. Counselling can offer a fresh perspective and a new outlook that can provide lasting change to the way you live your life. 

There are however some wounds that never fully heal. But we are not objects to be fixed, we are human and to be human is to know pain and suffering. Counselling can help you to move towards acceptance and provide you with the tools you need to live with painful experiences.

Get in touch with me to explore questions you might have about counselling and find out how we can work together.

What is Counselling Like?

Counselling offers each individual the time and space to confront and explore their difficulties. I offer each client a safe and supportive environment to help guide them through this process. I do short, medium and long term work and will always maintain an ethical approach and client confidentiality as we work on the changes you wish to bring to your life. 

The initial consultation offers the opportunity for me as counsellor to assess the clients needs as we discuss their reasons for seeking counselling. This initial session is also crucial for clients as it allows them to assess if the counsellor is a good fit for them. The counsellor client relationship is integral to the success of therapy ensuring the client enjoys the full benefit of the counselling experience. My ethos is client centred and as such I will do my utmost to create a counselling agreement that best serves your needs. There is no obligation to proceed and I am willing to  help direct you to a different counsellor if I don’t feel like the right fit for you .

Consistency and continuity are key to building the client counsellor relationship and it is important that the client makes a time commitment to counselling. Committing to regular sessions benefits the therapeutic relationship but is also important for the clients relationship with themselves. My suggestion is an hour long weekly session on a designated day but my aim is to be flexible as I understand this isn’t always possible and I’m happy to discuss this in more detail.

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